Seven brand health metrics and how to measure them

30-second abstract:

Brand well being is an umbrella time period for metrics that reveals you the way nicely your model is doing.
These metrics embody – Net promoter rating, share of voice, model repute, unprompted model recall, prompted model recall, buy intent, and model fairness.
Founder and CMO at website positioning PowerSuite and Awario, Aleh Barysevich, walks you thru the calculations for every of the metrics.
There are three frequent methods to measure model well being – focus teams, questionnaires, and social listening instruments.

Brand well being is a group of metrics that reveals how a lot your branding contributes to reaching your targets. It applies equally to multinational companies and tiny new Instagram companies: irrespective of the scale of your organization, your purchasers are both affected by your branding, or they aren’t, or they're affected to some extent. Knowing the main points of your model well being will provide help to see the strengths and weaknesses of your branding, and provide help to resolve on the long run actions relating to it.

In this text, we’ll undergo the metrics that decide model well being.

Each of the metrics is vital in its personal method and divulges a special side of name well being. It could also be that your model consciousness is excellent, however the buy intent is struggling. It is likely to be that your clients love your model, however the general model repute shouldn't be that good (maybe, there was a repute disaster a while in the past). Unless you have a look at every metric carefully and calculate the numbers behind the imprecise ideas similar to “model consciousness” and “model repute”, you’ll by no means know what’s hurting and what’s benefiting your gross sales on the subject of branding.

So let’s dive into calculations.

1. Net promoter rating (NPS)

Net Promoter Score is calculated primarily based in your clients’ responses to the next query:

How seemingly is it that you'd advocate our firm/product/service to a good friend or colleague?

The scoring is most frequently primarily based on a Zero to 10 scale. The responders are then grouped into three classes:

Promoters (rating 9-10) are loyal clients that unfold the phrase about your model.
Passives (rating 7-Eight) are happy clients that don’t promote your model and are susceptible to aggressive choices.
Detractors (rating Zero-6) are sad clients who can injury your model repute.

To calculate your NPS, subtract the proportion of detractors from the proportion of promoters.

The outcomes might be from -100 (if each buyer is a “Detractor”) to +100 (if each buyer is a “Promoter”), due to this fact, a optimistic NPS is taken into account a very good outcome. However, the rating needs to be 50 and extra to obviously present that the phrase of mouth is working for you.

Companies are additionally inspired to ask follow-up inquiries to reveal the explanations behind the scores they get.

2. Share of voice

One vital model well being metric is model consciousness. To know in case your branding is working, you must uncover how a lot folks discuss your model, if in any respect. However, the quantity is ambiguous by itself. You may uncover that individuals speak little or no about your model of bathroom paper. Is it because of the unpopularity of your model, or is it as a result of folks typically don’t discuss rest room paper? It’s laborious to inform. That’s why you could consider a share of voice metrics.

Share of voice reveals how a lot your model is dominating the dialog in comparison with different manufacturers in your area of interest.

To calculate the share of voice, all you want is an efficient social listening device like Awario or Brandwatch (full disclosure these are my instruments). Once you create an alert on your model and your rivals, a social listening device will undergo conversations on social media networks, information websites, blogs, boards, overview websites, and the net and calculate the proportion of dialog that’s dominated by your model. As the device will even calculate the proportion of dialog dominated by every of your rivals, you may then dig deeper to research what the profitable rivals are doing higher by way of branding.

three. Brand repute

While we’re with reference to social listening instruments, let’s speak in regards to the third most vital metric – model repute. While it’s vital that individuals speak in regards to the model and that the purchasers are happy and prepared to advocate your product, it’s additionally important to know the way the viewers perceives your model basically.

In our age of immediate data, the information about manufacturers travels quick and much, constructing the repute and creating issues that the corporate couldn't pay attention to.

Social listening instruments normally have a built-in function. To carry out sentiment evaluation, create an alert on your model. The device will analyze band mentions on social media networks, information websites, blogs, boards, overview websites, and the net to find model sentiment: the proportion of excellent, unhealthy, and impartial mentions across the model over time.

Brand health metrics sentiment analysis

You can have a look at spikes of damaging mentions to identify repute crises (and attend to points which have induced it), and look via optimistic mentions to get optimistic consumer suggestions.

For the general concept of name well being, you may need to calculate a sentiment rating. To do this, exclude impartial mentions altogether, and calculate the proportion of optimistic mentions.

Alternatively, you may calculate the online sentiment rating. Simply exclude impartial mentions and use the method:

Net Sentiment = (% of Positive Mentions – % of Negative Mentions) / (% of Positive Mentions + % of Negative Mentions).

four. Unprompted model recall

Unprompted model recall is a measure of how many individuals take into consideration your model when requested to consider your business.

Unprompted model recall is a metric that normally works nicely for the most well-liked manufacturers. However, it’s price striving for unprompted model recall, even when you’re far off for the time being.

To calculate the metric, ask contributors the next query:

“Thinking about [industry], what’s the primary model that involves thoughts?”

Then sum up all contributors who named your model. Divide this quantity by the entire variety of folks requested and multiply it by 100 to get a share rating.

5. Prompted model recall

While large manufacturers will in all probability be extra profitable within the first class, this one provides the chance for smaller manufacturers to as soon as once more assess their model consciousness and/or buy intent. It additionally features a single query that may change relying on whether or not you’re interested by additional metrics on model consciousness or buy intent:

Please tick all of the [industry] manufacturers that you simply’ve heard of / Please tick all of the [industry] manufacturers you'll think about shopping for [product] from.

Then, you record your model alongside along with your rivals’ manufacturers and see which of them the contributors will choose. A low rating on this metric is certainly a foul signal.

6. Purchase intent

Purchase intent reveals how seemingly are folks to go from understanding your model to purchasing your merchandise. As many different metrics on this article, this one requires a spot in a questionnaire.

The calculation could be very easy, ask contributors the next query:

“Based on what about [brand], how seemingly are you to purchase from them?”

Measure the outcomes on a Likert scale. Sum up the quantity of people that answered “very seemingly” and divide it by the entire variety of folks requested to get a Purchase Intent rating.

7. Brand fairness

Brand fairness is the results of combining two metrics from this record. When trying on the general model well being, model fairness is one thing that corporations pay essentially the most consideration to.

First, you calculate what’s often called Brand Strength. This is a measure that mixes the online promoter rating and buy intent.

The method seems to be like that:

Brand Strength = (Purchase Intent + NPS) x 100.

The result's then multiplied by the determine of the Unprompted Brand Recall:

Brand Equity = (Brand Strength x Unprompted Recall) x 100.

Organize your outcomes

Use a very good previous Excel sheet to arrange your knowledge. Look on the low numbers and dig deeper into the areas of your branding which are falling behind. Turn to competitor analysis if you’re out of your personal concepts for enchancment. Or possibly earlier than you get to that state.


Let’s sum up what you’ll want for measuring model well being metrics.

Focus teams
A social listening device

This is a shortlist for measuring one thing as large and as vital as model well being. Don’t put this off – the earlier you begin measuring your outcomes, the earlier you’ll know easy methods to enhance your branding and enhance gross sales.

Aleh Barysevich is Founder and CMO at website positioning PowerSuite and Awario.

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